There is another attempt to get you to download bogus anti-virus software circulating via email around the Internet and you need to be very careful as these get more and more sophisticated.

The latest email I have seen is using the name of the Department of Homeland Security to draw attention to itself.  This picture was taken from the header of the email to show you what they are doing to entice you to grab this bogus software.


See how they use the name of a legitimate anti-virus vendor in the graphic?  AVG is a well respected program and so they are trying to gain your trust with that legitimate name and maybe have you think you will be grabbing AVG software which you will not be doing.

Here is the next part of the email:


Notice the very official looking threat meter and the group of actions under it that this software will take care of?  Another attempt to gain your confidence by using familiar things like a threat scale which is pretty standard throughout the industry.

Notice that no where in that screenshot is there a name to this software or a reference to a company?  If you had just picked up the major contract of covering the Department of Homeland Security’s computers wouldn’t you be pretty proud of that and want to make it obvious who you are and what product they picked?  Of course you would – if you were legitimate. 

I recommend you go to the Department of Homeland Security website and look for an official press release to confirm this – If they had just entered into a large contract for this type of service then there would like be a press release about it.

Here is another attempt to show that you’re a legitimate entity and gain your trust:


The quality of this screenshot is not very good because the graphic is not very good in the email but I think you can see what is at issue here. Take a look at the dates under each award – notice anything strange?  They range from 2006 to 2009 with nothing in this past year of 2010.  In fact the latest award is from May 2009.  This is another attempt to gain your trust once more by showing these award logos to make you think they are legitimate.

Although there are several indicators that might make you think with a quick glance that this offer is legitimate it is upon closer inspection that you find holes in their offering which should cause you to pause and think twice about it.  Then your next step is to delete it from your inbox.

Stay safe out there.