It was not so many years ago when you scanned Black Friday ads by holding them in your hand when the paper arrived at your door.

Then we started to see websites crop up that specialized in the Black Friday shopping frenzy and they started to scan in and put all of the deals into databases to help you find the best deals.

Then online retailers started to offer some deals online and even sometimes the same exact deal you could get by standing in line at the actual brick and mortar store.

Then there was that first year where they offered the Black Friday deals on the day before which is Thanksgiving here in the US.

Bring us up to present day and we now have things like’s Black Friday Deals Week where they offer great deals leading up to and including Black Friday, Cyber Monday and beyond.

Black Friday is no longer about getting there early to get the best deal – OK maybe in one or two situations it is – but now it is about shopping around with great online resources and getting what you can online instead of standing in line somewhere for many hours.

I wonder where the future of Black Friday will take us? Maybe year round deals are on the horizon.