Pocket Gamer is reporting that the Rovio CEO, Peter Vesterbacka, confirmed a couple of days ago during the Social Gaming Summit in London that the popular mobile game will be available on the Xbox Live Arcade as a digital download.

Various Twitterers have been passing the information along, and amongst the juiciest news is that the forthcoming Angry Birds multiplayer will resemble ‘old school Worms’, though the details still haven’t been hammered out.
On the subject of the future, Vesterbacka rules out Angry Birds 2 but hints that a future ‘surprise’ iteration of the game will tell the story from the pigs’ point of view. He also reveals that Angry Birds will be coming to PSN, Wii, and Xbox ‘for starters.’

I notice that there is no mention if the game is coming to the Windows Phone 7 App Marketplace. Smile