Well the demo of Need for Speed Hot Pursuit wrapped up earlier this week as they prepare for the full launch on 16 November 2010.  I tried the demo several times as both the cop and the racer and, as I mentioned when the demo came out, this version of the game goes right back to Need For Speed Most Wanted in the way you can do the chases but now you can also be the cop.  It really does add an entire new level to the game but yet it is not a repeat of NFS: Most Wanted.

Another thing that has come up for a lot of speculation and discussion is a feature that was also present in NFS: Most Wanted – the ability to just roam around the map and see what you could find as far as challenges and trouble.  Well on the same day the demo was being pulled this past week the games development team clarified that on Facebook as well:


So with just five days left until release day there is a lot to look forward to if this game is in your wheel house.  I think this is going to be well worth it and I look forward to receiving my copy on release day from