Today is release day here in the United States for Windows Phone 7 as you might imagine activity is starting to pick up with the availability.

Here are a couple of items I have come across this morning so far:

  • If you purchase your new Windows Phone 7 from the Microsoft Store then you are eligible to receive a 3 month Zune Marketplace Pass for free.
  • Windows Phone 7 and Web Games.  Check out and see the site that will host web based games that will allow you to interact with your friends who might already be making the move to Windows Phone 7. Thanks @Gilly2468.
  • Wireless Phone Carriers are already offering the Windows Phone 7 for sale via their websites. Thanks @LiveSide
    • AT&T – 3 handsets available: Samsung Focus, HTC Surround and LG Quantum
    • T-Mobile – 1 handset available: HTC HD7 

I will update things later in the day as more develops with stores opening over the next few hours.