Back in July of this year Microsoft announced their intent to release a family pack for Xbox Live that would give you 4 Xbox Live Gold accounts for $99.

Well yesterday Xbox Live’s Major Nelson let everyone know that the specially priced set of Xbox Live Gold accounts was live and available for purchase:

You can now get four 12-month Gold memberships for less than the price of 2 with the Xbox LIVE Gold Family Pack which is now available*

In addition to being a great deal on Gold, Family Pack members enjoy the following exclusive benefits:

  • Family Center:  an easy-to-use destination accessible on Dash and to manage your family’s memberships and online settings
  • Gift Microsoft Points Allowances:  give a fun allowance of Microsoft Points to family members
  • Activity Reports:  sign into to view reports on your family’s activity on Xbox LIVE

Family Pack Deal:  enjoy discounts on family-friendly games and more

That is an excellent deal for any household of four people. I say that because although it is labeled a family pack it is for any four accounts on a single Xbox 360 console.

There is one caveat to the availability of this account deal though in Major Nelson’s announcement:

* In US, Canada, Mexico, UK, Germany, France, Japan, Mexico, Australia and New Zealand