Ashley Brown, from the Windows Blog, posted today about an expansion of the program that allows students to purchase Windows 7 Professional at a significant discount:

The Windows 7 Student Offer gives college and university students the opportunity to purchase an upgrade edition of Windows 7 Professional for a significant discount. Students can choose to download either 32-bit or 64-bit Windows 7, but make sure you check which version is supported on your PC before downloading.

This offer is now being extended to 11 additional countries according to Ashley:

Spain (available Nov. 2)

Italy (available now)

Ireland (available Nov. 11)

Portugal (available Nov. 2)

Sweden (available Nov. 4)

Norway (available Nov. 11)

Finland (available Nov. 11)

Denmark (available Nov. 4)

Belgium – Flemish & French (available now)

New Zealand (available now)

Taiwan (available now)

This is a great offer and can get Windows 7 in the hands of students at a very good price.