Well this post has a two-fold purpose.  I am going to collect together all of the featured items from the Windows 7 Personalization Gallery in the past week that we shared thru the site as we have over the last few weeks.  However, this post and summary also marks the end our featured item series.

It has been a lot of fun showing off the many different ways that you can personalize and customize Windows and Windows 7 to your individual taste using wallpaper, desktop themes in Windows 7 and sidebar gadgets.  This does not mean that we will never show off a unique gallery item in the future because there is more to come but this part of the featured items each day is wrapped up.

So here is the list of items we have featured over the final week:

In addition to this last summary above here is the list of all the past weekly summary posts during this process so you can have a quick link to all of the items we featured:

Did not realize that we had been running this for 8 weeks!  Thanks for following along.