Well we have arrived at our final installment of the daily featured item from the Windows 7 Personalization Gallery and today we are featuring the Xbox 360 Avatar sidebar gadget.  The reason I picked this one is that this week is all about avatars as we head towards Thursday’s release of the Kinect for Xbox 360 which gives your avatar a new found freedom of movement.

When you first install the gadget to your desktop it looks like this:


There is only one setting on the options page and that is to enter your Xbox Live Gamertag:


Once you enter the gamertag then the next thing you see is your avatar on the desktop.  You can actually enter anyone’s Xbox Live gamertag and see their avatar as well.


If you click on the avatar you will get a flyout box that shows your gamercard and all your Xbox Live stats such as gamer score, games played, gamer zone and your rep.


Download the Xbox 360 Avatar Sidebar Gadget

P.S.  Yes – that is my avatar!