Xbox Live’s Major Nelson posted some pretty impressive stats on his website this past Friday and I wanted to highlight them here:

There are 42 million consoles sold in 35 countries.

In the last year alone there has been an 157 percent increase in the time spent watching movies and television on Xbox.

42 percent of Xbox LIVE Gold members in the US are watching an average of an hour of television and movies on their Xbox, every single day or more than 30 hours of digitally distributed television and movies a month.

The 25 million members of Xbox LIVE around the world are each spending more than 30 hours per month on the service – that means cumulatively Xbox LIVE members are now logging more than one billion hours a month on the service

The bold highlighting is all courtesy of Major Nelson.

When you look at the television/movie viewing stats don’t forget that this week when the new Xbox Dashboard Console update goes live then there will be even more television programming available from ESPN.  I am sure that number is going to go up significantly when that happens.

With these types of numbers it is no surprise that the division did so well last quarter and I suspect it will do well again this one once Kinect for Xbox 360 hits the streets.