Ever wonder how to combat the cold climates and those low temperatures and still be able to use your touch screen devices without freezing your fingertips off?

Well the folks at Isotoner have come up with a glove that will allow you to stay warm, avoid frostbite and still be able to use your touch screen enabled devices when you need to.

The glove they have developed is called the smarTouch.  These are uniquely manufactured gloves that have had the index finger and thump tips embroidered with a conductive thread that conveys the electrical impulses of your fingers to your touch screen device – while you have your gloves on.

Some of the smarTouch glove features include:

  • The conductive thread on the index finger and thumb of both gloves
  • Non-slip palms to improve your grip on your valuable touchscreen devices
  • Excellent stretch materials for fit and flexibility in the gloves

These gloves also work on touchscreens that you do not hold in your hand such as gas pumps and kiosks.

Although I live in Florida and do not have to deal with heavy duty cold like some of you I still put these gloves through some tests with my touchscreen devices (two mobile phones) and they worked exactly as advertised.  I was impressed with how transparent the action was – just as if I was touching the screen with my own finger instead of through the glove.

The grip in the palm is also very solid and the way the non-slip material is applied in a lattice work is very flexible and does not impede the flexibility of the gloves at all.  It is definitely not overdone or stiff.

Here are some shots of the gloves themselves:





As you can see the light brown threads are the conductive threads that I mentioned above.  You can also see the non-slip material elsewhere on the palm to help you hold onto your devices.

Isotoner have agreed to provide two sets of these gloves as giveaways to our readers.  So if your based in the US you can enter this contest for a chance to receive a very nice set of gloves courtesy of Isotoner.

The entry requirements are simple – just comment on this story and let us know how you would put these gloves to use.  The winners will be selected randomly and then Isotoner will ship the gloves directly to you.  We will announce the winners on the site and contact them for further info to get the gloves mailed off.  The contest ends on 14 November 2010 at 6PM EDT.

Looking forward to hearing your responses in the comments.

Note: These gloves were provided to me by Isotoner for review purposes.