For a company whose consumer brand is apparently dying – this news must be like the best medicine in the world – to have your latest hardware product in high demand

With less than one week to go until the release of Kinect for the Xbox 360 there are several reports across the web that indicate some online stores have sold out of their pre-order inventory.

However, all is not lost and there are actually plenty of other options to pre-order your Kinect for Xbox 360.

A quick visit to the Amazon’s Kinect for Xbox 360 Product Page shows no inventory from Amazon themselves but a small collection of people are already offering the yet to be released device for sale for anywhere between $229.00 to $259.00 (plus S&H).  That is $80 to $110 above the retail cost of $149.  I am assuming these individuals have pre-orders themselves and are offering them for resale while inventory is short.

On Best Buy’s Kinect page they are touting midnight events for the release but their ad which had previously been a pre-order avenue now shows Coming Soon:


Wal-Mart’s Kinect page shows that it is available for pre-order but they are not offering the $149 bundle of the Kinect and a game but are selling a second game with the bundle for $199 total.  There is no way to order the original $149 bundle anymore from them.


GameStop is still offering the $149 Kinect bundle which will ship on 04 Nov.


Target is offering you the chance to buy a reservation card for $1 that would allow you to go to the store and pick up your Kinect on 04 Nov.  They will hold your Kinect for 7 days on this reservation and you will receive a $5 Target Gift Card for use on a future purchase.  Also, this $1 you pay for the reservation card does not go towards the purchase of your Kinect.


Even Sears is offering the pre-order Kinect bundle for $149


As you would suspect even over on eBay there are several Kinect’s listed under Buy Right Now for anywhere between $159 and $300.

So if you want to get your Kinect for Xbox 360 on release date then there are plenty of choices as noted above.

So what is your plan?  Are you buying on release day or waiting?