Microsoft is set to update their online game delivery system which is currently called Games for Windows and Games for Windows Live with an online marketplace for PC games called Games for Windows Marketplace.

Built from the ground up for convenience and performance, the Games for Windows Marketplace ( will remove the barriers between gamers and the games they love by offering the following:

  • Online access, anywhere. Optimized for speed, the store allows for ultra-fast downloads; this means fewer clicks to purchase and download, delivering faster turnaround for gameplay. And since the service lives on the Web, gamers can download games on a PC, anytime, and can easily redownload games they purchase if needed.
  • Deals and discounts galore. Gamers can check out screaming deals on select games every time they visit the Marketplace, as well as the Deal of The Week and other recurring and seasonal offers.
  • Game search functionality. Gamers can search by titles or genres to quickly find the games they want; they can even find new games from their favorite publishers with dedicated publisher pages.
  • Fresh design. The clean, intuitive look and feel makes browsing for games a simple, enjoyable experience. Gamers can easily navigate between pages as they search for the perfect game.

As I read the press release about this it sure seems they are adapting many proven methods for engaging gamers and getting them to spend more on their games by offering the deal of the week, recurring deals and other offers. 

PC Games already get many add-ons shipped for free after the game is released such as map and new feature packs.  It would not be very far fetched to see a system develop to start providing PC games with downloadable content (DLC) such as that we see on most games that come to the Xbox 360/Xbox Live platform.  DLC extends the life of a game well beyond its normal lifespan and allows a revenue stream that extends beyond the initial game purchase and carries over to the next version of the game when it is released.

What do you think?  Do you still play games on your PC or have you moved on to console gaming at this point?  Let us know in the comments.