I am not quite sure what to make of this news.

If you go to the membership page you will see three levels of Xbox live membership listed

  • Free Membership
  • Gold Membership
  • Gold Family Membership

I caught this yesterday but did not notice it right after the remodeling but I am assuming that it was changed as part of that make-over.

So why the change?  Maybe Xbox Live wanted to make sure that people understood that this level of membership is completely free.  I guess it is possible that someone could have assumed that Silver would have meant a lower cost version of membership compared to Gold.

I guess more people would be willing to sign up for something that is definitely free based on that label.

Only time will tell if the name change results in more free memberships.

Want my opinion on the best deal for Xbox Live membership? If you’re a family or more than three users in a home then the Gold Family membership is the deal.  It costs less than two annual Gold memberships and adds a lot of features to the Xbox Live experience.