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This is a guest blog entry from Karin Gerber who runs HelpTech Solutions with Julio Morell.

I remember the days of hand writing letters to pen-pals, or when you had to physically sign a contract with a pen.  Nowadays, with the invention of social networks like Facebook and Twitter, pens used for signing contracts may become a thing of the past.

Many businesses create online social networking accounts as a means of spreading their business to many vital markets, but did you know that you can use your social networking account to electronically sign documents?

EchoSign, one of the leading providers of online Electronic Signatures service, has introduced a new feature that enables its customers to use their social networking accounts (i.e., Facebook and Twitter) to electronically sign contracts and documents.

EchoSign’s electronic signature service lets you append digital signatures to contracts and other business documents, store them in digital form, and manage those documents without printing them out and faxing them… the user’s social identity is captured and attached to copies of all signed contracts, along with the email, IP address and signature image. (via TechCrunch)

Another company taking advantage of the online social networking boom is Target.  Target and Facebook teamed up to give users a chance to browse and print their pictures at Target’s Kodak photo kiosks.  The kiosks at Target’s retail stores connect to the Web, and so all you need is your Facebook login information.  Photo printing options will be available at Target, which includes DVD slideshows and greeting cards.

In a press release, Target refers to the feature as ‘Social Network Connectivity’, suggesting that other online photos sources could be included later, but for now, it’s just Facebook. (via PCWorld)

Who would’ve thought I could use my Facebook account for more than posting photos or sharing what I had for lunch on a particular day.  Now I can connect with family and friends by sharing status updates and printing pictures, and sign documents to help conduct business as well.  I might miss using my pen at times, but I have to admit, I do like the digital age we’re in.