Last month I wrote about my Internet Explorer 9 Beta Quick Thoughts and mentioned that I had to stop using the Internet Explorer 9 beta because of an issue with it and my WordPress Admin panel where I could not drag and drop anything such as the gadget layout in the Appearance panel.

This is caused apparently by some type of conflict between IE9 and the JavaScript that implements that functionality.

So I removed the IE9 beta and went back to IE8 for day to day use on my production PC.

Well I am happy to report that I am now back on IE9 for daily use because I discovered a work around that was actually right in front of me.


I simply went up next to the IE9 address bar and I clicked on the Compatibility Mode button and I now have full functionality in my WordPress Admin area.

I am glad to have a work around for this as it allows me to keep using IE9 Beta on a regular basis.  Don’t be like me and forget about that button if your having a problem with a website.  It just might get you going again.