Well it may not be getting the attention of hard core gamers yet but there are advertisers coming forward to partner with Microsoft for the launch of the Kinect for Xbox 360 in November and have their brand in the mix as the new hands free controller is released.

As Microsoft Press reports yesterday:

Advertising campaigns will commence with the much-anticipated North America launch of Kinect on Nov. 4:

Chevrolet. As announced in June, Chevrolet is the first automaker to launch a multiscreen ad campaign that allows consumers to test-drive Chevrolet vehicles in “Kinect Joy Ride,” the first controller-free racing game from Microsoft Game Studios. When Kinect for Xbox 360 launches this fall, consumers will have the opportunity to take the test-drive concept to a new level by driving the Chevrolet Volt in “Kinect Joy Ride.” Also, after viewing the video advertisement in-dash on Xbox LIVE or on the Web, consumers will be able to unlock and download Chevrolet Cruze, Camaro and Corvette cars to drive in the game. Chevrolet will then kick off the new year with an ad campaign in the Kinect Hub showcasing the same vehicles.

Sprint. As a longstanding and pioneering Xbox LIVE advertiser, Sprint understands the value of connecting with the Xbox community. This fall, Sprint is sponsoring the launch of “Kinect Adventures” with a co-branded retail experience on Xbox LIVE and a sponsored contest in which “Kinect Adventures” players have the chance to get their pictures featured on Xbox LIVE. Consumers attending New York Comic Con can play “Kinect Adventures” at the Sprint booth.

T-Mobile. Another Xbox advertising pioneer, T-Mobile is taking advantage of the immersive user experience in “Kinect Sports” with fixed product placement throughout the games including volleyball net signage, custom bowling balls and foam fingers held by the arena audience. T-Mobile is further supporting the game title through a sponsorship on the Xbox 360 console. Xbox members can visit a website on the dashboard to access exclusive video content and participate in the first launch weekend Play & Win contest with prizes including Family Gold memberships. Also, during the holidays T-Mobile will support “Kinect Sports” Play & Win programs with two Xbox Family Game Nights in November and January.

On top of this piece of advertising news three commercials have been published on YouTube featuring the Kinect for Xbox 360 as well (as reported by

Kinect Commercial 1
Kinect Commercial 2
Kinect Commercial 3