I think this is brilliant marketing.  Short teaser videos that let you get a small peek at the capabilities of a program – in this case Microsoft Flight – the apparent heir to the Microsoft Flight Simulator franchise.

For me – I watch them and want more. 


Microsoft’s Flight Simulator dominated the genre for nearly 30 years and in its final versions had made huge strides in using the ability of modern day computers and graphics cards to make the experience as real as it could be.  I mean if the program is used during flight instruction to teach instrument flying then it is obviously hitting the mark.

Three years ago Microsoft Flight Simulator X was on my laptop during my final deployment in the Navy of 220 days.  I flew around the country, virtually of course, throughout that deployment and it was a great way to pass idle time.

I am really psyched about this version and although I made the move to console gaming a couple of years ago, I will certainly have this on my PC.

I knew I kept that flying joystick for a reason.

Check out the first two teaser videos at the Microsoft Flight Homepage.