You now have a one stop shop to check on the status of Microsoft Windows Live Services by visiting

This is the main page you arrive at and as you can see the main Windows Live Services are listed along with a status indicator – in this case a green check mark.  Any services that have had issues will have an exclamation point over top of the green check mark. 


Each of those services and current status are clickable links that will take you to a history page for that particular service and show you a summary of the services performance over the last week.  You will also see details on the outage/degradation of the service and the progress as it is restored.

You can also go back a little further in history by clicking the View older link below the history category:


If you click on one of the services on the main status page that has a clean checkmark you will see the following page:


This service status page is a lot like the Social Down or Not Dashboard and will be very handy for a quick glance on a services status if your experiencing any problems.