Today Microsoft announced the availability of the Windows Small Business Server 7 (SBS7) public preview for immediate download.  Previously the Small Business Server beta was closed although you could have signed up to join the program.

Built on Windows Server® 2008 R2, this exciting new edition of  the all-in-one solution server for small businesses  will include Microsoft® Exchange Server 2010 SP1, Microsoft SharePoint® Foundation 2010, and Windows Software Update Services. Small business customers will find significant security and management enhancements over previous versions, as well as much richer features for providing file-and-print, email and Internet services to employees.

SBS7 also offers a great opportunity for small businesses with prior versions to upgrade their servers and to simultaneously take advantage of the advancements in security, reliability, and connectivity technology. For this reason, SBS7 offers enhanced migration tools, extensive pre-migration checks, and prescriptive guidance included in the software.

With the release of the Public Preview anyone who is interested in testing out SBS7 can download it directly from the SBS Connect website.

Of course the main reason Microsoft makes programs like this available is to hear your feedback on what works and what doesn’t to help make it a better product.  In return your organization gets an early look at this technology and how it can impact your environment.

That has always seemed like a Win-Win situation to me.