Heads up everyone – whether you have ever used eFax’s email fax delivery service or not you need to be aware that their logo is being used in emails to try and deliver Trojan software to your computer.


The zip attachment contains a file called eFAX70AAAf.doc.exe and that document is carrying the TrojanDropper:Win32/Oficla.T Trojan.

Completely delete these emails from your inbox if you receive them.  They are no threat unless you open the zipped attachment and execute the file it contains.

How did I identify this as a risky email?

Two things:

  1. It was sent to an email address that I never used with eFax when I was a member
  2. I do not currently use the eFax service

Stay safe and think/read twice before clicking.  These types of emails come with a variety of legitimate companies being used as the cover for the Trojan.  I have seen them from Xerox, UPS and others.