Last year as the general availability of Windows 7 approached Jim O’Neil, a Developer Evangelist for Microsoft, started a series of seven blog postings about new features in the Windows 7 Operating System.

These postings allowed developers as well as users of Windows 7 to really explore and understand what was going to make Windows 7 so popular before it even had a chance to show its popularity.

If you want to walk back through those features and be reminded about the strengths of this OS then you should definitely take some time to read through these seven postings.  Even though these are slanted towards developers there is info in them for the everyday user as well to better understand how their OS works:

    1. Windows XP Mode
    2. Taskbar
    3. Federated Search
    4. Extended Linguistic Services
    5. Direct2D and DirectWrite
    6. Sensor and Location API
    7. Windows Multitouch

So what is your favorite feature in Windows 7?