23 August 1995.  I was standing in line at a big box computer/tech store in Piscataway, New Jersey waiting for the doors to open at midnight, 24 August 1995, for the Midnight Madness Sale marking the release of Windows 95.

I just happened to be in the US at the time from my duty station overseas in Naples, Italy attending some summer training at Rutgers University.

This was such an opportunity because we typically saw product releases much later in overseas locations so I was not going to miss the opportunity to get my hands on the most innovative release of Windows – at least at the time it was.

I still had a week left in the US before I flew home and could install the software so I think I must have practically memorized the user manual.  What a user manual it was – thick and in depth – nothing like the puny stuff we get these days.

By the time I got home I was ready to install Windows 95 and get it going on my 486 IBM Compatible with 4 MB of RAM and an entire 200MB hard drive.  That box had a SoundBlaster 16 sound card in it and was ready for Windows 95.

Man those were the days weren’t they?

How about you – where were you for the Windows 95 release?