Last week we summarized the first two weeks of our World Tour of the UK version of the Windows Personalization Gallery and here we are now at the end of our third week.

We have visited some more amazing places and seen the beauty this planet has to offer.  Just to catch you up in case you missed any of the stops here is what we have seen this past week:

Plus earlier today we took a detour to see a unique perspective on local sunrises here in North East Florida:

I have to tell you about one of our stops and that was the Australia Windows 7 Theme.  The day after that visit I saw a spike in visitors who got pointed in the direction of the Australia theme from Facebook.  As of today it has been liked 452 times which is absolutely terrific and very much appreciated.

It looks like we have about one more week of our global tour left so stick around and keep an eye on where we visit over the next week.