It has been a little over two months since Microsoft released the latest version of Outlook 2010 to the general public and yet now is when Google finally updates Google Calendar Sync to work with Outlook 2010. If you’re familiar with the Google Calendar Sync tool you will be disappointed to find out that other than the version change to .9.3.6 and the ability to sync with Outlook 2010 there really haven’t been any changes or enhancements to this tool.


I was hoping that with this update Google would give users the option of syncing more than one calendar (right now Google Calendar Sync only supports syncing the default Google Calendar) and the ability to specify a time frame for calendar syncing.

Until then Calendar Sync will only be useful for users in an Outlook/Exchange environment that want to be able to transfer calendar entries from work to your personal calendars…at least that’s how I’ve used it.

What were you hoping to see in the latest Google Calendar Sync release?