This game review is a guest post from Austin Griffith.

No Story Needed

A Great game is one that has three things: Great game play, a decent story, and an original idea. Limbo manages to pull this off, but with a twist. In Limbo there is no dialogue, no load screens, no explanation. The game simply starts when you awaken as a young boy. No clues as to where you are. No back story, not even a hint as to how you got there. As the young boy you begin to move forward, you’ll arrive at your first challenge within seconds and at that point it becomes clear, you have to get get out of here.

The Presentation

Limbo doesn’t have vivid graphics with exciting splashes of color. What it does have is all up to the gamers imaginations. Scenes are all black and white. Your imagination decides if your pushing a block or a cube or maybe even a brick. Nobody really knows, but it’s all up in your imagination.

The Challenges

Limbos puzzles can range from controller throwing hard to simply easy.  However, whether the challenge your facing is easy or hard, you will have to think to figure it out. Within the first 15 minutes of playing the game you’ll be doing some heavy thinking, although nothing is too hard that you cant figure it out. The developers of Limbo have managed to find a blissful medium between too hard and too easy.

Now I won’t spoil too much of the game, but throughout Limbo you encounter many creepy creatures.  From spiders 3 times your size, odd dogs that want to rip you to shreds, or even other children who are none to happy to see you. Limbo keeps you thinking and always has a new surprise right around the corner.

The ‘Soundtrack’

While Limbo doesn’t actually have a soundtrack, the ambient noises will have you on the edge of your seat and not expecting what comes next. The game often requires you to listen closely to the noises when completing a puzzle in order to finish it. This is what makes Limbo a truly revolutionary game.

Final Thoughts

Limbo is a trial-and-death type game. Many times you’ll be walking forward to be gruesomely decapitated by a bear trap. Limbo has truly revolutionized platforming and will keep gamers coming back. If you’re looking for a great platforming game, with challenging puzzles and a decent story, Limbo is for you.

Final Rating: 9.5/10

Limbo is currently available on the Xbox Live Arcade for 1,200 Microsoft Points