Today Twitter announced the availability of a new button that you can place on your website to help your website visitors tweet your content to their followers.

According to the Pushing Our (Tweet) Button blog entry a quarter of the tweets that are sent on the service contains links – no doubt this button is intended to make that process easier for all users.

The Tweet Button is not only simple for users, but for publishers of all sizes, too. Recreational bloggers to large media companies can quickly and easily add the Tweet Button to their sites. It only takes a few lines of code.

This short video explains the functionality of the button for users and publishers:

Introducing the Tweet Button!

Now if this new button looks a little familiar then that might be because it looks and functions a lot like the green TweetMeme buttons that are on so many websites.  Well believe it or not TweetMeme collaborated with Twitter to implement this functionality.  You can read more about that partnership here – Twitter Tweet Button – and also see what their next big project is.

And to think I thought Twitter was pushing out another third party app with their development of this tool.