The folks at the MSRC have been busy this week.  First they lead off the week with an out of band security update for a critical vulnerability and now they are preparing for next weeks regularly scheduled monthly security related Patch Tuesday.


Public Service Announcement: I hope you downloaded that patch from this past Monday already – otherwise your system is vulnerable.


So what should we expect in the way of patches next Tuesday – 10 Aug 2010?

Well according to the advance bulletin this one is a big collection:

  • 14 different bulletins are being addressed
  • 10 are related to Remote Code Execution; 4 are for Elevation of Privilege
  • 12 impact Windows; 2 affect Office; 1 for Silverlight and 1 for Internet Explorer

(Yes I know the last line adds up to more than 14 – the issues overlap software – thus the reason for 16 total programs impacted.)

Microsoft will also release the monthly update to the Malicious Software Removal tool with the above patches.

The MSRC will also host their normal monthly webcast to discuss the updates:

Date: Wednesday August 11
Time: 11:00 a.m. PDT (UTC -7)

We will provide download links and an update to the bulletins once they are released on Tuesday.

If you have Automatic Updates turned on in Windows then you will get these automatically once they are released to Windows Update.