Here is an interesting concept for a recipe:

  • Take developers who can create Windows Phone 7 applications but are looking for ideas
  • Take users who have ideas for Windows Phone 7 applications but are not programmers

Mix the two of these together and create a website for them to collaborate and you have Mobile App Match.

We’re bringing the people who build Windows phone apps together with the people who seek them for personal use—to start conversations, exchange ideas, and see what develops. Your activity will help guide starter ideas from first blush to finished products available on Windows Marketplace.

Got needs? We hear you.

If you’re a developer building apps for Windows phone, you could spend months on a project only to find out the idea’s taken. Or wake up to a concept that was never fun, smart, or sexy enough to begin with.

If you’re seeking apps for your own Windows phone, you know what you want. An app you can really connect with. Not too buggy. With a nice interface.

Builders, meet seekers.

Seekers, meet builders.

Together with Mobile Match, you can finally find the idea or app that was made for you. All at your own pace. We’re regularly updating the blog, idea, and video pages with the latest news and RSS feeds, so you have plenty of content to come back to.

The Mobile App Match website has four different categories of information:

  • News – appears to be stories submitted by bloggers about the Windows Phone platform.
  • Ideas – the meat of this website.  A place for sharing of ideas between devs and users.
  • Apps – a listing of Windows Phone apps broken down by categories.  RSS feeds are available to keep up to date.
  • Video – this currently has four Windows Phone commercials that you have likely seen online or on TV.

The ideas page is where the collaboration is taking place with discussions around apps, a voting system to see how popular an idea is (or isn’t).

The most popular idea right now is for a grocery store app that would let you scan the bar code of a product to create a shopping list, get price comparisons and find coupons.

I wonder how the profits would be split up between the person with the idea and the person developing the app?