Just in case you missed it a couple of hours ago – Twitter sped past 20 Billion Tweets since the service came online.  Everyone is anxiously awaiting word on just who had that tweet and to see just how savvy it was/is.  I hope it was not about someone going to the bathroom or anything like that!

Breaking News: Here is the now famous/soon to be famous Tweet:

@OJAL_jp ということは、連発した分、あとでごそっとくるかも…w about 1 hour ago via ついっぷる in reply to OJAL_jp



Translated by Google: That the minutes, uncovered, may come later Gosotto.

Shout out to The Next Web for the identity of the Tweet.

Anyway, what is the next goal to look for from Twitter?


Well according to GigaTweet, the unofficial counter of Tweets, there are three events being tracked:

  • 20,100,000,000th Tweet should arrive in a little more than one day from now
  • 21,000,000,000th Tweet should be here in just over 12 days – so around the 12th of August.
  • 30,000,000,000th Tweet will arrive in just under 123 days.  That will land sometime on 01 Dec 2010.

I am sure GigaTweet will update the interim goals as they creep towards that 30th Billionth Tweet that will arrive at the beginning of December.

What will you do with your time while your waiting for that moment to come? Smile