The suite of troubleshooting utilities by Mark Russinovich has had four programs updated as of 22 July 2010:

TCPView v3.0: This major update to TCPView, a TCP/UDP endpoint viewing utility, adds endpoint send and receive statistics by leveraging ETW when TCPView is run with administrative rights. It also breaks ports and addresses into separate columns.

Autoruns v10.02: This update fixes a bug in Autorunsc that had default to filtering out signed Windows components.

ProcDump v1.81: This release addresses a bug in the implementation of the -x command-line options, where ProcDump would pass the dump file name to the target process.

Disk2vhd v1.61: System volumes no longer display twice on the volume list.

You can see the entire list of programs included in this suite, download individual files or download them all together at the Sysinternals Suite page.  You could also look at the entire list with short explanations of the programs purpose at the Sysinternals Utilities Index.