Yesterday announced that they will be the first to provide ticket purchasing opportunities directly in the Xbox Live interface.

Xbox LIVE members in the U.S. are now able to make mobile movie ticket purchases through a text-in or a Microsoft Tag viewed in movie studio advertisements. By clicking on a feature film’s advertisement on Xbox LIVE, a user can download and interact with relevant movie content. In addition, they can now activate a Microsoft Tag via their mobile phone which will direct the consumer to a co-branded website to purchase tickets through all domestic theater partners, which includes several of the largest exhibitors in the U.S.

From what I gather reading this release it looks like you must have the Microsoft TAG software installed on your mobile phone so you can snap a picture of the TAG that is displayed on Xbox Live.  That in turn will take you to a website that will allow you to make a mobile purchase.

I was hoping this would allow a purchase directly on Xbox Live and maybe even using Microsoft Points.  Granted the advertisement popping up on movie content on your console will be a handy way to get access to the sale but what if you do not have Microsoft TAG installed or it can not be installed your type of phone.

Then it looks like you might not be able to take advantage of this service.

What do you think of this new deal?