Want to become the next @MajorNelson?

In a recent post, Steve Clayton, while blogging about the Xbox Engineering Blog, mentions another blog post at the Xbox site that provides some insight on what it takes to possibly become a member of the Xbox team.

Eric Doty, DMZilla on Xbox Live, is the Community Coordinator and he provides some tips in that blog entry for all those wanna be Xbox Team Members out there. 

Some of those highlights are:

    Know What You’re Getting Into – To say that Microsoft employees, and more specifically Xbox employees, are passionate about their products is definitely an understatement.  The people here, your potential coworkers and friends, love building great products and making great products even better.

    Microsoft:  We got your job right here – The first thing I can suggest is that you be aggressive in your search.  By that I do not mean start calling up recruiters and harassing them for a job.  Use all the tools and resources that you have available to you.  Jobs and, more importantly, careers rarely come to those who sit idle.

    Is Xbox your passion? – We have pages dedicated to specific Xbox related product groups like Xbox LIVE, Project Natal, 343 Industries (Halo!), and Microsoft Game Studios.

    Be a Part of the Social – Finding open positions and networking with hiring managers isn’t just limited to static web pages.  This is the 21st century!  Be sure to check out our Career Communities on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter as well.

    Close Contract of the Third Kind – Xbox, and Microsoft in general also work with many hiring agencies for contract positions to fill various roles.  These are a great way to get your foot in the door to meet and work within the company.

    Final Countdown – It’s common sense, but before you push submit on that application make sure your resume is up to date and clear of any spelling and grammar mistakes.

Would you want to be on the Xbox team at Microsoft?