ZDNet’s Mary Jo Foley reported late last week that Microsoft may be releasing an updated beta build of Windows Home Server (WHS) Vail this week.  WHS Vail is the follow up to what I think is the very functional WHS V1 which came out in July of 2007.

WHS Vail is currently available in an open public beta which has been online since late April of this year on the Microsoft Connect website.  Since then no updated builds have been released to testers though.

I agree with Mary Jo.  Since the Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference is this week in Washington, DC we could very well see an updated beta build of WHS as it seems like a great tidbit to give out to its partners in the home server arena.

Of course I will be keeping a close eye on events at the conference so expect to hear from me if it comes out.  I am personally ready to throw the next build on my test WHS Vail machine when it is released.