If you are enrolled in college and have a .edu address so you can verify your enrollment then you can sign up for a new program called Amazon Student.

This is a great deal because it does not cost anything, includes discounts and special deals that you will be told about via email and offers Amazon Prime two day shipping free for a year.  That last one alone is worth $79.

I think college students tend to like things that are free right?

Eligibility and Sign-Up

Only students currently enrolled in a college or university who have a valid .edu e-mail address to confirm their status are eligible to participate in Amazon Student. See additional conditions at Amazon Student Terms & Conditions for more details.

To sign up, visit the Amazon Student sign-up page. Once you submit the sign-up form, you’ll receive an e-mail at your .edu e-mail address to confirm the address is valid; click the verification link in that e-mail to complete the sign-up process.

If your .edu e-mail address isn’t listed on your account, that’s OK. The only e-mail we’ll send to your .edu e-mail address is the verification e-mail. After that, other Amazon Student e-mails will be sent to the e-mail address listed on your account.

Visit Amazon Student Program website