This week Microsoft announced a new certification program for fundamental Information Technology and development skills called the Microsoft Technology Associate or MTA.  This certification is only available in educational institutions and can be incorporated in current computer/technology learning tracks.

The MTA offers three IT certifications, three development certifications and one database certification. The IT section includes tests in Networking Fundamentals, Security Fundamentals and Windows Server Administration Fundamentals. The development certification offers tests in Software Development Fundamentals, Windows Development Fundamentals and Web Development Fundamentals. The database certification covers Database Administration Fundamentals. Students can pursue as many or as few certifications as they choose.

The MTA is designed to be a stepping stone to other, more sophisticated Microsoft technology certifications, like the Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist (MCTS). The MTCS certifications, which are available for a wide range of Microsoft products and solutions, provide evidence of technology knowledge and skills in design, implementation and troubleshooting. MCTS is designed for people who already have work experience or are pursing advanced degrees in computer information technology.

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