Frank Shaw, Microsoft’s Corporate Vice President for Communications, recently posted some absolutely amazing numbers at The Official Microsoft Blog and I want to share just a few of them here.

They are really mind boggling:

  • 150 million Windows 7 licenses sold.
  • 355 million projected PC sales in 2010
  • 96% of US netbooks run Windows
  • From 0 in November 2009 to 10,000 in June 2009 – the number of paying customers on Windows Azure
  • 23 million Xbox Live subscribers
  • 9 million downloads of the Office 2010 beta
  • 21.4 million new Bing search users in one year
  • 55 million smartphone sales around the world in Q1 2010
  • 360 million global Windows Live Hotmail users
  • 23 billion in FY2000 and 58.4 billion in FY2009 – total Microsoft revenue

You can see all of the numbers in further context against other companies and see the sources for them on the main post at Microsoft by the Numbers.