In the last 24 hours I have received two different e-mails about my Office Live Workspace account. Apparently there are some changes coming.

The first one told me to expect an upgrade in the coming months that will marry together my Windows Live SkyDrive account and its 25GB of storage with my Office Live Workspace.  It also mentions universal access to documents and the ability to edit them using the new Microsoft Office Web Apps

The second e-mail tells me the wait is over (that was quick!) and that within 7 days I will get the opportunity to upgrade my Office Live Workspace to take advantage of that 25GB of storage on Windows Live SkyDrive and using the Microsoft Office Web Apps to edit and share online documents.

Well I am always a fan of free access and storage space so this is welcomed news.  In this connected world it is nice to be able to see key documents anywhere I might be.  Microsoft Office Web Apps files can be viewed on your mobile phone as well however, you can not currently edit documents on your mobile phone but hopefully that capability will come soon.

If your curious about the upgrade and merger between Microsoft Office Live Workspace and Windows Live SkyDrive then you should check out these resources: