I am thoroughly impressed with the IE9 team and their commitment to get the IE9 Platform Preview out on a consistent schedule.

Back in March of this year when they released the first edition of the IE9 Platform Preview they said their goal was to get an update out every 8 weeks.

Unfortunately, they have missed that mark because they have gotten updates out about every 6 weeks!

I think it just shows their commitment to really make IE9 s superior browser.  I say bring it on!

Just yesterday they released their third edition of the IE9 preview and you can grab the third edition of the IE9 Platform Preview and try it out for yourself.  Just remember it is a developer preview so their are no bells and whistles like toolbars, address bars, etc.  You can also install this alongside of your current version of Internet Explorer without any issues.


500 Fish on screen at 28 FPS using background compiled JavaScript!

Other stories around the web about edition three of the IE9 Platform Preview:

It is expected that a IE9 public beta with all the bells and whistles will be out this fall.

Great work IE team!