You have seen Jen’s Fire Sky 1 and Fire Sky 2 and now it is time to bring you the last Windows 7 Theme built from the sunrise/sunset pictures taken by @flyingjenny.

I hope you have experimented with making your own Windows 7 Themes as it is a very simple process.  Think of the possibilities – after a big  event you could create a theme with photos you took and then share them with your family and friends.  Windows 7 really does make it easy.

So here are the backgrounds you will see in this theme.  As an added bonus pictures #1 and #2 are from the launch plume after Space Shuttle Endeavour launched on 21 Feb 2010 for STS-130.  Picture #12 is from the launch plume remnants after Space Shuttle Discovery launched into orbit on the morning of 05 April 2010 on the STS-131 mission.

4340689804_37ef6be39c_o 4340689834_f8def37fec_o 4350530897_3d814f0be2_o
4390008116_19f8d8cd29_o 4390426367_6a5c67453a_o 4391178174_b968c924ce_o
4391192340_ebf3626d70_o 4415573296_5889a4f342_o 4437390815_b64eb14675_o
4439005481_ef12d9ba66_o 4492633237_f097450d34_o

Download Jen’s Fire Sky 3 Windows 7 Theme

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