Another blog has joined the Windows Team Blog – this time it is the Exploring IE Blog. It’s tag line is A Blog For Internet Explorer Customers.

It says that this site is meant to co-exists alongside the IE Engineering Blog which has been online for about 4 years.

While the engineering blog is there to cover the development of IE, the Exploring IE blog is going to cover a broader range of IE subjects:

  • The Business of the Browser: where we’ll cover some of the interesting trends and discussion topics that surround the browser business. We’ll also provide our point of view on relevant industry discussion topics – for example the recent privacy discussion that resulted from Facebook’s changes to their privacy controls are a good opportunity to share how we think about privacy with Internet Explorer.
  • Around Internet Explorer: where we’ll cover what’s going on around the Internet Explorer business. We’ll cover things like our recent partnership with MySpace and let you know when you can find people from Internet Explorer out on the road and at events like TechEd, MIX, SXSW.
  • Internet Explorer Around the World: the core Internet Explorer team is based in the US but we’ll share some of the neat things happening with Internet Explorer around the world. For example, did you see the IE Experts campaign run recently by our German subsidiary :
  • Tips and Tricks: where we’ll cover some of the ways you can customize and tweak Internet Explorer.
  • The consolidation of the Windows Team Blog continues and to tell you the truth it makes a lot of sense to have all of this in one place.

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