As the FIFA World Cup begins some interesting numbers are being released about how it will be seen:

  • 1/3 of football fans to watch games over the internet
  • Up to 30% surge in sales of internet TV gadgets in last 2 weeks
  • 10% more fans to re-watch the World Cup games online than on TV

The World Cup will be watched online by nearly a third of British football fans, more than in any other World Cup, according to a study released today by PC World. The retailer questioned over 3,000 Brits in the run up to the World Cup following a surge in sales of its wireless networking and video streaming gadgets. Feedback revealed that:

  • 30% of fans, which equates to over 14 million of those expected to watch the World Cup live, are planning on doing so over the internet.
  • Nearly a quarter (23%) revealed they would be using laptops or desktop PCs.
  • One in ten (10%) expect to follow the action using a smart phone such as a BlackBerry

Source: PR News Wire – PC World Survey

Sounds like the impact the Super Bowl has on HD television sales prior to the big game.

If your interested in seeing how you can follow along online and in the digital world then check out this TechFlash article by John Cook – A geek’s guide to the World Cup.

He breaks your digital options down into categories such as Social Media, Mobile, TV Setup and Fantasy Games. He even steps out with his own picks for the event.

How will you watch and keep track of the World Cup play?