Windows Live Hotmail Changes Coming


More update information is coming from Microsoft and this time it is in the form of an email from Dick Craddock who is the Microsoft Program Manager for the Hotmail Partner Group.

This email highlights some of the major changes coming to your Hotmail inbox:

Here’s a sneak peek at what’s coming.

Keep your inbox free of spam
Using the same Microsoft SmartScreen® technology used in other Microsoft products like Microsoft Office Outlook® and Internet Explorer®, Hotmail is automatically helping to filter out junk mail for you.

Sweep away unwanted email
As you complete email actions like deleting email or moving email into folders, the new Sweep tool will prompt you to see if you wish to automatically apply that action to all similar email in the future.

Send hundreds of photos without worrying about size limits
We’ve built a way to send up to 10 GB of content via a single message—up to 200 photos or 200 files of up to 50 MB in size each. When you hit send, we deliver a nicely formatted email with a link to where the photos are stored on your password-protected Windows Live™ SkyDrive™. Recipients can then easily view your photos as a slide show or download them to their computer.

Smart filters organize your inbox to find the email that matters
Hotmail Quick Views will sort and group email by content or sender into one list in your inbox. Now items like your Facebook updates, or your cable TV bills, or just the mail containing photos can be easily sorted with just a few clicks.

View entire email conversations at a glance
With the new Conversation View, you can automatically group all the email you have sent and received on a specific topic together in one view.

Respond to social network notifications without leaving Hotmail
When a friend or family member sends you a link to a YouTube video or a Flickr photo album, you can view it without leaving your inbox. You’ll also be able to take actions on shipping notifications as well as social network invites.

Open, view, and edit documents right in your inbox
Now the Word, Excel, and PowerPoint files in your inbox can be viewed and edited without leaving Hotmail. If you need to make edits to an attachment, Hotmail lets you do it from your inbox without worrying about downloading files or installing software. You can even start a PowerPoint slide show and it will include all the animations and transitions.

Share Microsoft Office documents online and work together with others
Just like how you can share large photo albums, Hotmail lets you send large documents and other files via a link—up to 200 files, each up to 50 MB—using online storage, so you avoid clogging anyone’s inbox. And by sending from your Hotmail account, recipients can also use the free Microsoft Office Web Apps to view and edit your document—no matter what email service they use or version of Microsoft Office they have installed.

That’s just a peek at what we’ve been working on for you. Look for these updates and many more over the coming weeks as we start delivering them to your Hotmail account.

The Hotmail Team at Microsoft

I have seen these new features in a demo session and they are impressive. I just wish I knew what exactly the time frame coming weeks meant to have a better idea of when these changes will be published to everyone.

Let us know when you see these updates in your Hotmail inbox.

77 thoughts on “Windows Live Hotmail Changes Coming

  1. HATE HATE HATE the new hotmail format. Boring, ugly, am changing to gmail as we speak.
    Bye bye hotmail.

  2. lifeonfourstrings September 20, 2010 at 10:43 PM -

    i cant log into my hotmail accounts i get the following message.

    We’re unable to retrieve information for this page at this time. We’re sorry for the inconvenience, please try again later.

    all my accounts are linked IDs, and my main one has been sending alot of spam latley if this could contribute to the problem.

    i can log into other peoples accounts on the same computer straight away just not my ones. so i know its not a computer issue.

    any help would be great.

    • I am so annoyed. Am I the only one who still doesn’t have access to my hotmail account? I can’t get it on my Mac or on my phone. It is so frustrating! Is there something I need to be doing to get it to work?

      • 1) Go to
        2) Under left FAQ Pane, Select “close your account”
        3)On lower right corner, click “Get more help”
        4)On right pane click “Get Support”
        5) Fill out the form and specify an alternate email address for correspondence, describe the problem (suspected account hijack), and someone from support will get back to them usually within 24 hours to assist them.

        …. hope this helps

  3. Fantastic! After months of wondering what was wrong and not being able to use Spamcop, this works so easily.


    • Hello and yes thank you this does work – so simple- but does leaving this unchecked cause any other problems ? It is bizarre but none of the windows live forums seem to have this simple fix.
      Thank you Richard for your perseverance Sara

      • I am glad you stuck with it as well. I have not heard from many people yet that this is working. Might write it up in a blog post to get it out in front of people and see what we hear about it.

        • Benedict Geddes October 5, 2010 at 8:29 AM -

          Hi, that worked for me, but I have yet to find a solution to allows me to view the source through Firefox. A poster elsewhere reckons it’s GZip-compressed HTML but the way to view it is laborious and quite technical.

          Richard please do write a blog post about this, it’s another dreadful step backwards for hotmail which already has a slew of problems (e.g html rendering, browser compatibility etc.)- every time they ‘upgrade’ it they seem to make things worse.

  4. Here is the fix. Download the live-mail App from the “”. Access your mail account, right-click on the inbox mail. property-> details. Now you have it. Tested many times with different friends and it worked

    • Did not work for me still getting same error message for message source~ “unable to download GetMessageSource.aspx from the requested internet site is either unavailable or cannot be found please try again later”
      or in google chrome just a load of symbols I don’t think that they give a damm

        • hello no it did not help – I went to the site suggested and I was told when I tried to download that I already had a more recent version of windows live ….. and yes still getting ~ Unable to download GetMessageSource.aspx from

          Unable to open this internet site. The requested site is either unavailable or cannot be found.
          Please try again later.
          I do not think that I am the only one still having this problem – just a thought there have been some problems with Kapersky 2011 could it be related??? no perhaps not just remembered I updated Kapersky after this problem started duhhhhhhhhhhh!
          thanks Sara

          • Sorry Sara to hear that it did not work. Scratching my head !!. you you already using live-mail to read your mail, then it should not encounter the http://getmessagesource.xxxxx problem. Are you sure you are using live-mail for viewing?. The thing is don’t use the browser portal viewing. Another mail is use your outlook express, which will also download the mail to see the full header as well.

            the problem was that one of the proxies relaying you the messageheader has messed up the encoding, and that is why everyone is seeing the wrong encoding error.

            Thus you need to use live-mail or outlook-express to circumvent this problem.

            I heard that Microsoft may fix this problem at the end of this month.


  5. Here is the fix. Download the live-mail App from the “”. Access your mail account, right-click on the inbox mail. property-> details. Now you have it. Tested many times with different friends and it worked

  6. It worked all along. Tested many times. Download the latest live-mail from By using this windows-live-mail application, it does not go through all the proxies involved in the internet where it the content is messed up with all the encodings. I think this live-mail client gets your mails from its dedicated MSN proxy from microsoft.
    Access your msn or hotmail account inbox, right-click on the mail inbox list -> properties->details. Bang !!! you have everything.

  7. None of the suggestion work! Microsoft has no business keeping us in the dark about not being able to read message source! So what if it is a free Email services we still have a right to be updated!!!!

  8. here is another solution. If you use Mozilla Thunderbird email then its easy! Take the following steps:
    Open up TB, click on Tools, then Account Settings. A new window pops up.
    Bottom left hand corner, you see Account Actions. Click it and then click on Add Mail Account.

    Insert name, email address and the email password, then click on Continue.
    Click on Create Account.
    Now you can download emails sent to the Windows Live account.

    To find the headers, open your email, click on view tab, select “view message source” and hey presto! it will appear.

  9. Hey everyone – I know there has been no news lately and I am still asking for solutions and being told they are aware and working on it.

    I did come across something reading some newsgroups and wonder if it might be an encoding issue – You know the Western, UTF-8, etc. setting.

    Anyone try to change that and see what happens?

  10. Still GetMessageSource.aspx errore while trying to see the Message Source. It happens with IE8, Chrome and Firefox.

  11. I got used to the old hotmail format and want it back. Is there an option to have the previous view?


        • Me too ~ I do not understand why this so called “wonderful new hotmail” was rolled out with these bugs , I have searched on windows forums but cannot find any reference to this problem.

        • Well there was an update today BUT it has not addressed the get message source problem = still same error message ,,,,,,,, ?

          • Me too! or as hotmail ‘view message source’ would say

            “1ZÑ% ?˜/nG5²­ ŸââZn ”

            The precise word that describes this cack escapes me. Which may be why the sufferers of this complaint are having trouble banding together to get recognised.

            microsoft should … The rest of this message was filtered at source as it contained excessive invective, contumely and general rudenesses.

  12. A hotfix was applied to Hotmail yesterday to address some issues – has anyone tried today to see if this problem has possibly cleared up as well?

    • Has anyone got this update? and did it fix vieing the msg source problem? so far still getting gibberish and of course doesn’t work in i.e 8.0, thanks for your help.

      • The update was pushed to the servers – not to users PC’s. So if it is still messed up then this fix is not sorting it out unfortunately.

  13. Richard Hay,

    apologies if I sound ungrateful, indeed I commend your efforts on our behalf and extend my thanks. My comments are not aimed at you personally. I am just not impressed with the technical efficacy of the suggestions being passed on to you.

    • I understand the frustration of not being able to do the normal things with your Hotmail account. I trust my lead and the info he provided about the issue being worked on so I am sure it is going to be fixed.

  14. Good to know that the MS team really are working in this.

    One of the multiple browsers use by my UK contact in the test I reported earlier (which failed as miserably as Firefox and IE) was Chrome. Really does sound a bit like clutching at straws. If you read what I posted so does the automatic sign in (the user in question had never accessed my account before).

    I hope that the MS team is keeping a much more open mind.

    • The Chrome suggestion was from me – not Microsoft – it was something I picked up in reading across the web about the different issues some people are having with their Hotmail accounts.

      As I replied to Alan – I am assured it is being worked on and will get fixed.

      • Hi and thanks for your efforts and I have tried with chrome to get message source and get a load of symbols , I have opened hot mail in ie8 64 bit and 34 bit – through messenger – tried everything but no joy I am in France by the way with a/c if this is any help????

  15. Just got a note from my lead at MS and he said they are aware of the issue with garbled characters and are working on a fix. No ETA but it will be sorted out.

    Thanks for your patience in finding out any info. I have read somewhere that some users are being recommended to use Chrome in the interim for some other problems so maybe that would help out here for now until the issue is fixed.

    As soon as I hear anything new I will post it right here.


  16. After doing some reading could oneor more of you try this:

    Try and sign out of Messenger in the web interface and then access your source and see what you get.

    You may need to set Messenger to not sign in by default. This is one change they are making with the next update.

    Let me know if it helps.


    • I try it again following your instructions … and the same message error in IE, the same strange characters in Firefox … Apparently, nothing changes.

      Also, I agree with Ronnie. I prefer to view the message source before opening the email.

  17. I’m also here because of the message source “giberish” bug. Tried viewing it in IE which refuses to open and FF which just produces a page of junk code. Would like to hear some “official” or even semi “official” news that this problem is being looked at. As I was looking on the windows live solution centre, and I didn’t see a mention of it there.

    Another thing that annoys me with this new hotmail is the fact that we have to open the email before we can view the message source. Unlike the older version which could open the message source before opening. Intended design? I don’t think so!

  18. Hi, I found this site whilst surfing for a solution to the issue of the gibberish symbols displayed whilst trying to view a message source in windows live mail and hotmail.
    I get the the same gibberish symbols in both accounts. I have tried IE8 ( I normally use Firefox ) but I am getting nowhere, I dont even get the gibberish with IE8 rather a message saying that it cannot be downloaded.

    After reading the posts on this forum its I now realize that the problem is not isolated.

    Look forward to seeing what the fix is.

  19. This issue of viewing message source appears to be a bit more complex than I expected. I had assumed that the MS team had screwed up on some accounts and it would soon be fixed.

    I do not experience the problem on any of my 5 Hotmail accounts. I have been in contact with a UK based Hotmail user (I am US based) who does experience the problem. I invited the UK user to access one of my accounts and try to display message source.

    When the UK based person (btw I do not think this a geographical issue) logs on to my account and displays a specific message he gets a screen full of gibberish. When I log on to the same account and display the exact same message source I get a standard source display.

    So this appears to be a problem that is less account or server oriented than one for a subset of Hotmail users.

    I hope that the MS team is managing to close in on this irritating problem.

  20. Hello ! Anybody around?
    We still can not receive the message source. Only error messages. Any idea when it will be fixed? Perhaps during this year?… How I miss the old msn!

  21. Hi still no joy in the getting message source error and I cannot find the link you mention to post to microsoft – is any thing being done to fix this ? any news any one?

  22. Message source is unreadable in Firefox, Safarie and IE8. In IE8 you get the cannot download box from GetMessageSource.aspx . It’s a long standing issue I see… Please fix asap cause sometimes it is handy to get the details for people who know their stuff…

  23. Hi any news on being able to get the source of messages? I am still having the same old problem error message Unable to download GetMessageSource.aspxfrom I am using windows 7 I have tried ie 34 bit and 64 bit – in google chrome just get a load of symbols – are they working on this problem? is there any way to revert back to the old msn hotmail? cheers Sara

    • I am still waiting to hear but I did post a support site that you could go to and post the issue as well so the Hotmail support techs can see it.

      • Daniel Stweard August 10, 2010 at 2:42 AM -

        Hello Richard, you have been waiting quite long for your friend response… what is the real problem with view source in hotmail ??? :?
        I dont want to complaint and is not about you, but sometimes Microsoft does things without caring of the users.., if it will be in a different style or position that is alright, but at least should work!..
        well, waiting for any news :)

  24. I am having trouble adjusting. and i have an annoying problem, the linked ID’s option doesnt work anymore. I have 3 hotmail accounts and have to sign out from one before opening the others. Trying to make a link gets me:

    “We’re unable to retrieve information for this section at this time. We’re sorry for the inconvenience, please try again later.”

    Im getting tired of it.. christiaan

    • Hi, I too am also having the same problem with the linked ID’s . I keep getting the message We’re unable to retrieve information for this section at this time. We’re sorry for the inconvenience, please try again later. This has been like this for almost a week now. VERY ANNOYING! I cant link my hotmail accounts together,strange though they were all linked and working fine until this upgrade. Any help besides clearing my cookies would be greatly appreciated.

    • Sorry to hear your having a similar issue to everyone else.

      I am waiting to hear back from my contact to see what they say about the error. The minute I hear something I will post it right in this thread so everyone can see it.

  25. I am having too the same problem getting the message source. An error message each time.
    Any suggestion.

    • I have sent an email to my MVP Lead at Microsoft and wil post the reply as soon as I get it for everyone. Thanks for commenting about it as it helps us track the issue.

  26. I am having the same problem with getting the message source – I am using ie and cleared cookies etc – I am getting the same error message – unable to get messagesource.aspx from – Why do they impose these changes and make things more difficult? I now cannot find the source of scams. pishing etc

  27. Since I can’t edit my initial comment I have to post again. I locate the “View email source” but where in the old hotmatil it showed everything, including XP originating IP etc. This one only shows funny symbols in firefox and refuses to open in IE. This is getting annoying, I can’t for the life of me understand these changes. If it ain’t broke don’t fix it, springs to mind.

    • So you found the View Source off the Actions Menu in the Reading Pane – good stuff.

      I get the entire source of the email in my browser (IE) in text when I click on that link – not sure what is causing that on your end as it certainly seems to be working.

      • Well in IE I get this message “Unable to download GetMessageSource.aspx from” And as mentioned before, when using Firefox it open, but the messages all look like this “���ÅYYsê8ý+ª”. I tried to reset IE, to no avail. Do you have any suggestions?

  28. In the old hotmail, I could right click a mail and view the source and the header. I can’t seem to find it on the new one. Did they remove that function?

  29. Really not impressed with the changes. Am having major problems trying to view in Firefox – interface all skewiff, can’t read emails – really not good. Surely such software changes are methodically tested for functionality in the various browsers? This is really inconvenient – I hope it’s resolved soon by either Hotmail or Firefox.

    • Someone else commented the other day about having similar problems in Chrome using an IE extension. Turns out it was a problem with the extension. Have you tried with IE to see if it comes up?

      Your apparently a FF user so no heartburn there for me but I think they built the new set up to work with IE. That may explain the reason behind the apparent incompatabilities.

  30. I don’t like the change to the Tahoma typeface on the all new and improved Hotmail – can anyone please help a very dense person (me) to change back to Verdana? Thank you so much.

  31. Not impressed, in fact a bit annoyed. Prior to changes I had no problems but now that things have been ‘improved’ I can’t open any emails on my computer. I have tried 2 different computers, and still nothing.

    I can access the emails on my phone, which implies that hotmail messages are no longer compatible with my computer.

    Any suggestions?

    • David,

      I would recommend flushing your browser cache to see if that clears things up. Any chance your not using Internet Explorer to view the Hotmail site?

      • My cache is cleared every time I close my internet window.

        I normally use Firefox as I can use addons that increase my computers security. I have just tried IE and the emails would open, which to me (non computer wizz kid) implies the changes might not be compatible with Firefox.

        With Firefox I can sign in and sign out, but not open the emails. I will try contact Firefox to see if they can fix the problem as it seems to be a bug at their end, not hotmail.

        Thanks for the advice

  32. Can you tell me how to “unsweep” an email address that is blocked? A direct reply to my email would also be appreciated.

    Thank you very much.