If your a Windows Mobile smart phone user then you should already know about Microsoft’s My Phone.  If you need to read up on it you can check this out – Microsoft My Phone Final Version Released – that should get you up to speed on what My Phone is.

I recently attended the NASA Tweetup at Kennedy Space Center for the STS-132 Launch and as you might imagine I took a lot of photos.  Some I took with my Olympus SP-565 Ultra Zoom and others I took with my HTC Tilt2 smart phone.

Now hooking up my Olympus to its download cable and the netbook is quick and painless. It gave me access to those pictures for sharing them on TwitPic and Twitter quickly.

Now I could have done the same thing with my Tilt2 but then Windows Mobile Device Center would have to be in the middle and I wanted to access those photos a little faster.

So what I would is a sync with the My Phone software and then I had immediate access to those photos through the My Phone website. After downloading them I would select them for archiving on the My Phone site.  Then the next time I synched the phone with My Phone those archived photos would be removed from the phones storage and that in turn freed up more space so I could take more pictures with my Tilt2.

You can download Microsoft’s latest version of the My Phone software from Windows Mobile Marketplace.

Do you have any creative uses for software that might not have been part of the original design?