Finally more info is coming to the public about the future version of Hotmail.  After all the rumors and speculation we can finally see what Microsoft has in store for us when the new version of Hotmail is made public this summer.

However, in order to get you prepared for what will change they have opened up the Windows Live Hotmail Preview site.  Here you will find walkthroughs and videos of the new features.

They even have a side by side comparison of Hotmail to Gmail to show you the benefits the new Hotmail will bring.

You have to check out the preview site because it is full of info. However, what I can give you hear is a snapshot of the three key areas:

  • Get rid of spam and clutter
    Not only does the new Hotmail reduce spam, it also offers new ways to get annoying newsletters and other clutter out of your inbox — and makes sure it stays that way.

  • Save time and get more done
    Quickly find and read the email that’s most important to you. See all your Facebook and other social network updates in one click. Send up to 10 GB in attachments. Interact with other websites such as LinkedIn, Flickr and YouTube within the convenience of your inbox.

  • View and edit Office documents in the cloud
    The new Hotmail enables you to view and edit Office documents right from your Hotmail inbox, regardless of whether you’re on a Mac or PC. You get the familiarity of Office, and your docs look great because your formatting is preserved. No software other than your browser required.

Follow those links to get the full skinny.

I also wanted to share some of the stories that are popping up around the web about the new Hotmail so you can check out the various commentaries that are coming out on it in anticipation of the future release: