Steam enters the Mac world bringing the long anticipated game service that PC gamers have long enjoyed to offering Mac support.

Steam is celebrating this new service by offering a much beloved game, Portal, free download for Steam members for both PC and Mac users until May 24, 2010.  The success of this launch is a double edged sword as many on twitter including myself are having issues downloading the game at this time.


This will be interesting to see how successful Steam with be on the Mac platform which traditionally has not offered the kind of GPU’s necessary for games demanding high end graphics according to Engadget.

Sure, you’re still going to be better off cost-for-pixel-crunching with a mid-range PC desktop than anything Apple offers, but for a MacBook Pro user looking to get in a few frags during lunch, the arrival of Steam for Mac is probably the best news they’ve heard this year — and luckily that Source engine isn’t too hard on older hardware.