We have now been provided a detailed schedule for our two days at Kennedy Space Center for the STS-132 NASA Tweetup and it is going to be pretty awesome.

Here is what Day 1 holds for us:

  • Welcome and Introductions by @NASA team members John Yembrick and Stephanie Schierholz
  • Robert D. Braun, NASA chief technologist, NASA Headquarters
  • Jon Cowart (@Rocky_Sci), Orbiter Engineering manager, Space Shuttle Program, Kennedy Space Center
  • Stephanie Stilson, space shuttle Discovery processing director, Shuttle Processing Office, Kennedy Space Center
  • Astronaut Janice Voss
  • Demonstration of the Advanced Crew Escape Suit (ACES)
  • Tour of Kennedy Space Center to see:
    • International Space Station Center
    • Apollo V Saturn Center
    • Drive by of Orbiter Processing Facility; Vehicle Assembly Building; Mobile Launcher Platforms and Crawler-Transporter

The end of Day 1 will have us visiting Launch Pad 39A to view the retraction of the Rotating Service Structure from Space Shuttle Atlantis in preparation for her launch the next day.

On Day 2 they have the following planned for us leading up to the launch of Atlantis:

  • Group picture beside the count down clock
  • Free time and visits from guest speakers
    • Astronaut Dave Wolf
    • Lt. Col. Patrick Barrett, weather officer with the Air Force’s 45th Space Wing Weather Squadron
    • Chris Meinert, STS-132 Closeout Crew member
    • Madi Sengupta (@msengupta), Space Station Robotics instructor at NASA’s Johnson Space Center
    • Amiko Kauderer, @NASA_Johnson team member leading STS-132 mission Tweetup
  • Post Launch News Conference

Of course at 2:20 PM EDT on 14 May 2010 Atlantis will blast into space and we will all be watching from the famous count down clock at the press site.

Expect to see plenty of tweets, photos and video from the two days. I am looking forward to providing some insight into the atmosphere as KSC prepares for launch.

Do you have any specific questions you would like me to ask of the folks we will be hearing from? Let me know in the comments and I will work to do that as well.