It looks like some of the Wave 4 features are rolling out to Hotmail now. I received an email late this weekend alerting me to the all new Hotmail and some of those features.

A summary of those new features they have integrated into the Hotmail experience include:

  • Windows Live Messenger – you can now log into the web based version of Messenger right from your inbox and start a chat immediately with your contacts.
  • Windows Skydrive – you can now store, access and share your files in the cloud.  Password protect the items you want to restrict access to.
  • Windows Mobile Hotmail and Messenger – now you never have to be disconnected from your contacts no matter where your at.
  • Windows Live Mail – part of Windows Live Essentials. Gives you a desktop program to have al your contacts, email including Hotmail and newsgroups in one place for free.

Although this is not all the new features coming to Hotmail under the Windows Live Wave 4 banner it is the beginning. With all the official news coming out of Microsoft in the last week or so I hope this is the start of the tidal wave (no pun intended) of Wave 4 getting out into the publics hands.

From what I have seen you are really going to like the new tools you will get with Hotmail for handling your email.