We have added a new feature to our site that I want to tell you about. Thanks to Zopim and their web based chat service we are now able to offer you a method to ask your general tech support questions without leaving the website.

Zopim embeds a chatbar on your website, so that any visitor can chat with you directly by clicking on the chatbar. To reply to your visitor, simply login to our Dashboard using your browser. You can also route conversations to your preferred IM client and respond from there too.

For you it will be transparent and behind the scenes. Whether we are online, offline or away we will get your question and be able to either provide an immediate reply or, if you provide your email address, we will get back via email.

You may even see some of your questions make it to the Observed Tech PODCAST and get discussed on one of our future shows if it appeals to a broad audience.

When you visit the site you will see a new chat bar in the lower right hand corner of your web browser:


Just click on the bubble or the chat bar and you will then get a chat window:


Just type your question in the window and we can start the chat. If we are unable to reply then you will be given the option of leaving your question for us to answer later.

I hope you find this useful and I look forward to seeing your questions.