Microsoft has taken the Mr. Fix it one step further and created a portal that automates the fixes you need applied to your system for various issues, patches, etc. Sure takes the hard work out of registry editing and other steps to correct them.

Microsoft Fixit Center Online Beta Portal

The portal is a collection of automatic troubleshooters that work to fix current issues and prevent future ones. It personalizes the fixes to your system so it reduces the risk of downloading the wrong one and causing additional issues on your PC.  However, you do exercise ultimate control to decide which fixes you will apply or leave alone.

You use your current Windows Live ID or another email address to create an account so you can personalize the Fixit program during installation. It then scans your system and based on your hardware and software installed comes up with a list of solutions that might apply to your system. You can then select the ones you need to run to address an area of the system where you may be having problems.



You can click on each troubleshooter and see an explanation of what it does and approximately how long it will take to run.


Once you have run the troubleshooter it will show a summary of the results in the same window underneath the troubleshooter description.


When you run a troubleshooter it gives you two choices. You can either run it in full automatic mode and it will scan, find the problem and correct it or you can run the troubleshooter and it will present you with the choice of the fix and whether you want to run it or not.

This portal looks like it can be a great source of help to users and making fixes to their systems in a very seamless manner. Just the right amount of control for those that want it and an automatic process for those who prefer that.